Destroying Science–the Final Frontier

Dear Galileo and Copernicus:

Destroying Science…the Final Frontier?

Um…sorry? Seems we are still a bit unsure about whether the earth revolves around the sun, or the sun around the earth.

To the right, an actor who starred in a fiction TV series called Star Trek, which you haven’t seen, unless you’re both scientist ghosts, which would be super cool.

Anyhoo, she’s lending her voice to a documentary that claims you both are very very wrong. Turns out the sun revolves around the earth.

So we’re awaiting your apologies…from beyond the graaaaaaaave!



The Price of Pepper-Spraying Protestors? $40K!

Man, you pepper-spray some college students and get $40K in worker’s comp? That’s…a good deal!

Fired campus cop who pepper-sprayed protesters gets $38K in workers’ comp claims (via Raw Story )
An appeals board has awarded a former campus police officer $38,055 in workers’ compensation after he was fired for the pepper-spraying of student protesters. Former police Lt. John Pike was awarded the settlement Oct. 16 from the University of California…